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The quality of Swiss mountain air in your house, at work, on holiday and in your car.

Clean air through ionisation with our unique Airganix products.
– Since 2004 & GS approved –

You inhale 15.000 liters air per day.
With our Airganix products it will be clean air!

Low energy use, just 1.5 Watt per hour

Silent (light ventilator sound). Lower sound than your computer. Our clients say it does not bother them.

Affordable for everyone !

NO expensive filters required !

Estimated life of product is 5 - 7 years.

NO complicated maintenance. Only once a month with a vacuumcleaner to clean the grill.

Proven to be effective to destroy airborn bacteria, viruses and other airborn particulate

Effective area from 2 - 150 m2. A 99,8 % sterilization of indoor air.

Nice designs with 12 months factory warranty.

Quality Marks like: METAS - ISO2001 - RoHS - CE - FC & GS !

Stable units, does not tip over easily!

Several models: eg. The Body Cloud for around the neck (when visiting hospitals, flying, tram, train, bus, elevator, cinema) and The Carcloud for clean air in your car.

The Cloud / Airganix products

On the right side you will see a promotional / infomercial from our Australian office that was broadcast on Australian TV. It includes explanations by several doctors and professors how our unique ionisation technique cleans the air.

We are not trying to scare you but the outcome is a fact.

The Airganix High Quallity ionisation technique produces clean air for the home, workplace, motorvehicle  and professional use in hospitals, dentists, dog kennels, waitingrooms etc…

<< This global map shows the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the troposphere as detected by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument aboard the Aura satellite, averaged over 2014.

Bron: NASA

The Airganix Space Cloud at a pharmacy / The healthcare centre.

What is Ionisation?

Ionization is the process by which an atom loses an electron. The nucleus of an atom contains neutrons and protons. The neutrons are neutral in charge, protons are positively charged. The core is thus positively charged. However, a complete atom is neutral, and this is due to the negatively charged electrons which circulate around the core. The mass of the electrons is much smaller than the mass of the protons or neutrons.

Early 1900 it was Albert Einstein’s sister Maja that suffered from tuberculosis. At that time, healing from a hospital high in the Swiss Alps, she remarkably fully recovered. Einstein and his friend Conrad Habicht, tried to find a science explanation for this phenomenon. They discovered that at high altitude, the number of activated oxygen ions is much higher than in the low land. Einstein developed a device to imitate the air high in the mountains. Airganix is the contemporary version of this unique potency multiplier. It mimics the natural composition of the clean air after that has been disturbed by human activity.

Sources of poluted dust in your home.

Sample of the size of the particles you are breathing in.

How big are the particles in the air?

Comparising aircleaning techniques…

How do positive ions come in our atmosphere?

Positive ions enter our atmosphere from: Addition of certain chemicals such as barium salt. Various types of radiation events in our solar system (solar flares, moon phases, etc.) Negative ions are even there in smaller numbers, because the conditions under which negative ions are generated by human activities wil be reduced enormously.

In our atmosphere, there are an average of 1500 to 4000 ions per square centimeter (cm3)  to be measured. The earth itself has a negative charge, so negative ions are repelled. This repulsion ensures that there is a certain balance between negative and positive ions in a ratio of respectively 10 on 12.

An excess of positive ions or lack of negative ions can cause the so called serotonin hyperfunction syndrome or irritation syndrome and includes insomnia, irritability, tension, or stress, migraine, nausea, palpitations, heat attacks combined with chills or sweating, tremor and dizziness. Older people suffer from depression, lethargy and extreme fatigue. The inhalation of positively ionized air may also have the effect that there is irritation occurs in the respiratory tract. Conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, but also rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic pain to be strengthened. The same effects indicating an excess of serotonin. Apart from respiratory problems, there are itchy eyes, dry throat, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, dense nose, dry skin, migraine etc. Is it possible that positive ions are responsible for the release of serotonin in the body ? Research has proven so. It seems that by inhalation of air relatively large amounts of positive ions go through the lungs into the bloodstream. In the blood stream these positive ions serotonin are separated from the red blood platelets.

Depressions are now often treated with drugs that block the uptake of serotonin, such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. Since depression is a symptom of a lack of negative ions or an excess of positive ions, it would be quite possible, instead of medication, to follow a negative ion therapy. There is also the option to purchase an ionizer. Here is a table showing the percentage of people who have benefited from the purchase of an ionizer or air purifier.

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